Sustainable Luxury

Love for cosmetics means living femininity and enjoying care rituals. When it comes to skincare, we women are not only concerned with the effectiveness and compatibility of the products, but also with the feeling of doing something good for ourselves, of pampering ourselves in everyday life with beautiful fragrances and precious textures. The creams and serums used should care effectively, smell pleasant and look good - in short: be feminine and sensual. Today, this claim can be ideally combined with the principles of sustainability and environmental compatibility.

B⦁Botanical is sustainable cosmetics based on 100% natural hydrosols, which not only cares and truely works, but should give you the feeling of luxury, relaxation and beauty every day. We rely on vegan and animal-free cosmetics, which are made in Germany. With our highly effective and exclusive formulations, we want to bring you closer to the diversity of plants - an adventure that motivates us every day. As diverse as the woman, as diverse is the plant power. Discover them!

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you closer to the diversity of plants with B⦁Botanical. With absolute transparency, we show you how effective plant-based active ingredients can be without sacrificing luxurious cosmetics. The focus is clearly on the benefits for your skin. With our products, we want to help you feel better about your skin.

Büsra Gür - Founder

My motivation is to show you that sustainable luxury is possible and that a conscious lifestyle does not mean renunciation. With B⦁Botanical we fulfill the demand for effectiveness, luxury and well-being in harmony with nature. We combine the advantages of the conventional cosmetics industry with the advantages of natural cosmetics and have thus created a brand that offers you feminine and sustainable luxury.